Thursday, October 14, 2010

i HEART Mod Podge

** This item is being sold on my Etsy**
All you need is Mod Podge, a canvas, paintbrush, and scrapbook paper. I always like my paper to coordinate in colors, but not necessarily designs  :)
1. Cut the paper into blocks or strips, however you want to. Lay out the design on top of the canvas to make sure that you have enough paper. You want to be able to cover the edges completely.
2. Completely cover the canvas in Mod Podge. 
3. Lay each paper piece by piece and paint the Mod Podge on top to completely cover the paper top and bottom to make sure it stays in place. This also gets the corners to stay and once dry, a nice gloss.  

4. When doing the corners, fold the paper like a Christmas present and layer the Mod Podge underneath the folds. Press down firmly after putting more on top of the paper. 
5. Once every single piece of paper is glued onto the canvas, paint one more coat on top. 
6. It should take a few hours to dry completely. When it has dried, feel free to embellish away!
The finished product! Love the fall-like colors!

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