Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Live FashionABLE


I received these 4 beautiful scarves in the mail the other day and I was SO excited to get them!! I think I have a slight obsession with scarves......I may or may not own 30......HAHA!!
What I like about these scarves is that each scarf has it's own story and is personally made by someone. Not mass produced. Not sold in 5,000 stores. Not made by huge machines. 
AND I love that they help support a worthy cause!! 

One of my friends from college moved to Nashville not long after I did (we share the same major and were roomies my last yr at UK) to attend grad school and worked with the Mocha Club (you may have heard of this project if you've ever attended a Dave Barnes' concert) ;)  She so graciously mailed me some scarves from the bin. 

Anyhow, I wanted to share with you about this wonderful non-profit and the blessing it has become for many.

Read about each of the women's stories HERE

Here are close up shots of my new (YAY!) scarves : 
MESELU in Sage Green

ETANESH in Jade Green

DEMBER in Plum/Teal

ETANESH in Ivory

I am lovin my new scarves! They are super soft and versatile! :) The striped one is my favorite followed by the ivory one (it's stretchy)! All scarves come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs and they are all made with 100% cotton. Go check 'em out!!!!

& I'm pretty sure your mom wants a scarf for Mother's Day!!!!

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{Just had to add this cute photo of Beaux modeling one of the scarves LOL}

Disclaimer: I did NOT receive the scarves as a payment or promotion for blogging about them. These scarves had slight (minor) defects and were not for sale on the website and are not for resale. The company logos and facts come from their website. Any personal opinions are my own.


  1. Jamie! You don't know me- I'm one of Haley's CRU girls from Vandy. Anyway, I wanted to let you know that one of my best friends and a fellow 2010 Vandy grad, Kiely Concannon, is currently in Ethiopia right now working for FashionABLE! I forwarded her the link to your blog post- I'm sure she'll be excited, and may want to link your post to her Facebook or the FashionABLE Facebook page if that's okay!

  2. 1. Just ordered mcha club tshirts and they came yesterday. Ironic. Almost bought a scarf, but just bought 4 while I was in ET last month.
    2. Beaux and Bella should get married.
    3. Love you.


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