Sunday, April 22, 2012

MY Top Photo Apps

1. Instagram

For the past year and a half I've become a huge fanatic of this app!! It doesn't help with my photo obsession either!! :) There are many great filters (my usual choices are: Nashville, Walden, Sierra, Toaster, and 1997)!!!! I like to use the extra features sometimes which are the tilt shift (choosing what's in focus) and Lux (helps with underexposure/brings out highlights/helps with shadows) AND to be honest, I've made many "IG friends" that are interested in my life- not just my pictures!! {Welcome Android Users!!!} 
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2. Labelbox
 *FREE but .99 for extras

This app is fun for making little word tags on your photos instead of writing out descriptions in the comments. Each label is a different design with it's own font.

3. Picframe 

For putting multiple photos together, I like this over Diptic. This app allows each box to be changed in dimension by placing your fingertip on the line and moving it to be larger or smaller, pictures can be turned around or upside down, borders can be any choice of multiple colors and patterns, and the corners can be rounded too!!! Lots of options!

4. CollageDay 

I just realized it is misspelled! HAHA! This app has lots of "stickers" and backgrounds you can use alone or with your pictures. You can choose each piece and make them large or small as well as bringing them "to the front" or "to the back"!!! Super fun and way cute!!!

5. maskingtape
Best kept secret & my favorite app purchase ever (so far)!! I think there are hundreds of tape (think washi tape) designs to pick from with at least 40 colors for each!!!! Crazy!!! And SO much fun! I use this app first to make my design and then another app for adding my pictures (Picframe, Montage) before uploading to Instagram!

6. Montage 

                              {via Stefaloo}                                (w/maskingtape)

It's not super easy to use, but you can make really cool collages in all sorts of shapes: circles, diamonds, hexagons, squares triangles, etc... I really need to practice more :)

7. Phonto

Want different fonts than the typical 5? This is the app for you! It has about 30+ choices.

8. LensLight

                               {via JUXT}

Ever wondered how people make the glitter, rainbows, light spots, stars, hearts, and other cool light rays and flares? Yep- this is probably it....there are a multitude of different light lenses and colors to add on top of your photos.

9. Gifture

Thanks to my husband for this find. It takes multiple photos in succession and makes them into a moving (animated) photo!!! How cool!!!

Hope you enjoyed my fav photo apps!
What are yours?! I'd love to know!!


  1. I use diptic to do photo collages, but I am seriously eyeballing that tape one. Helpful post!

  2. Jamie, I personally love pixlromatic - it's a lot like instagram, but with a few more options on filters.
    I am loving Montage, I might have to splurg and actually PAY for an app - thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was about to text you the other night to ask you a related question. You read my mind :) Very helpful.

  4. Love this! :) Thanks for sharing! I have waaaay too many cameras and apps for pictures on my phone. I don't use nearly enough of them. I do like PolyFrame, Snapseed, 100Cameras, GifRus, and one that's only in an asian language. MamaRach uses it alot. :) @abbrandes

  5. I bookmarked this and came back to it when I had some money. Thanks for sharing Jamie! :)


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