Wednesday, April 4, 2012

#WeareUK....National Champions!!!

University of Kentucky
NCAA Men's Basketball 
National Title Champs

Considering the last time that we won, I was in the 8th grade (it's been 14 years)!!! Throughout the whole regular season and every game in the tournament I was so nervous, anxious, and excited!!! This year's team has been one of the absolute best (I love them all) and they deserved to win!!!

We beat Kansas 67-59 to win the National Championship after defeating Louisville in the Final Four (our in-state rivalry)!!!

Ride to the National Championship (video made by a college friend)

A few of my Instagram photos

Everyone watching the game on Limestone at Tin Roof
How I desperately wish I could've been there

Anthony Davis is SIIIIICK

Darius, Anthony, MKG, Jones, & Teague

The Wildcat with Davis' Brow


Darius- the wind beneath our wings

3 Goggles!!!

Celebrating near my old house on Aylesford (heading down Euclid towards Woodland)

One Shining Moment :)

Rubbing Coach Calipari's head? LOL

My BFF (on the other side of the world) and I called each other before the game,
during halftime, and in the final minute of the game to celebrate!!!
It was so special and a little bittersweet not to be there, but we enjoyed the 
opportunity to "share" it together!!!

Probably my favorite video: Coach Cal dancing with the team

The team arriving at Rupp to hang up #8!!!!

I am SO HAPPY that we won and were able to hang up
a new national championship banner. I cannot tell you how excited I was.
If you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you were pretty tired of all my tweets :)

PS- Not to brag or anything ;) but my ESPN bracket ended at 99%

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