Monday, February 11, 2013

"Pantry" turned Fridge Space

When we first looked at the house, we noticed a very large pantry in the kitchen. There was a top cabinet and a bottom cabinet and I was excited at the prospect of having a place to store all our dry goods, bread, and the like in such a huge space (apartments do not have the best kitchen storage space)........Well, we were definitely in for a surprise when we opened the doors to find a big whopping water heater. And not just a regular good 'ol big boy, but one that was rusty and looked like it could explode any minute!!!
Not quite what we were hoping for. 

Having fallen in love with the little home, we went to check it out a second time. There was much discussion over what the space should become, and we agreed that we definitely needed to have the old water heater removed (the contractor did so upon finishing the foundation work). After closing on the house, we went ahead and ordered a tankless water heater. While waiting over a week for it to arrive and another week to install it, we enjoyed freezing our butts off in the shower!!

When Matt's dad came to work on the floor, he helped put in the new water heater as well as take out the wall surrounding the "water heater pantry".

We purchased an LG french door fridge that fit the open space perfectly and Matt started working on building a cabinet above for storage (for those items we don't use everyday).
He also put up the trim around the sides. I painted the entire cabinet with Urbane Bronze (Sherwin Williams). I love this color (although it doesn't have a take home paint chip). It's a dark grey with a green hue.

We had originally planned on using chicken wire for the cabinet doors (based off this kitchen cabinet photograph), but it was too flimsy so we went with extruded metal sheets instead. It's definitely not the typical type of cabinet, but we like it. And that's all that matters ;)
I am so blessed to have a husband who is awesome at making things. 


So glad to now have a proper fridge space and cabinet!!!!

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  1. Looks great!! What a wonderful use of that space!! lOVE seeing your house projects!!


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